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​​​Burkitt's BuGs Inc.

Robert Steakkinger

Robert started on the construction crew in 2009 preforming termite repairs until this day. Robert became an appalator in 2015 and is now working on obtaining his field reps license to specialize in the pest control side.

Howard Burkitt "Jimmy"

Jimmy started in the industry in 2001 and became a field rep in 2004 doing inspections until becoming an operator in 2006 and opening Burkitt's Bugs in 2007

Kroft Salmi

Kroft has been in the industry since 1998, becoming a field rep in 2000 doing termite inspections and pest control since. Kroft became a operator as well in 2008. Kroft has been with Burkitt's Bugs since opening in 2007

Jude Pughe

Jude started on the construction crew in 2013 preforming termite repairs and still does until this day. Jude is working on his applicators license now to preform termite treatments in the future

Kaarsten Weber "Kay"

Kay started in 2016 managing the Office and day-to-day operations including scheduling, typing termite reports, and providing the best customer service to our costumers.